Tested and Found to be "Very Good"

User Survey

Your opinion is important to us. Therefore, Schreiner MediPharm tested the acceptance of Needle-Trap in an international user survey. Some 240 physicians and nurses in the United States and Europe tested the needle protection system prior to its market launch.

The experts’ judgment was unanimous: 91 percent of the study participants rated Needle-Trap as “excellent” or “very good.” Nearly all respondents (94 percent) said they would recommend the system for their clinical or private practice healthcare settings. The operation of Needle-Trap was rated positively as well: 92 percent of the test participants found it to be “easy and self-explanatory.” 

What is your overall impression of the syringe safety system?

Device operation is easy and obvious to use.

Would you recommend this system for your healthcare setting?

The safety device does not impact my injection technique.


Needle-Trap has won many awards since its market launch. The ratings considered the innovative and unique design, the high quality of technical realization and printing expertise as well as such aspects as functionality, user friendliness, safety, cost efficiency and sustainability.