Simply Safe

Needle-Trap meets the requirements of both healthcare professionals and the pharmaceutical industry. It combines the requisite safety for field use with significant benefits in terms of economy, flexibility and process reliability for the pharmaceutical manufacturer.

Unique system design

The safety mechanism is an integral component of the label.

Benefits for healthcare professionals and patients

  • Protection for healthcare professionals and patients
  • Easy handling, extremely low weight
  • Controlled system activation, using one hand, irreversible and clearly noticeable effect
  • No change in the injection technique
  • Normal disposal, less waste
  • No additional space requirements, not space consuming in the fridge
  • Needle and liquid inside the syringe are completely visible

Benefits for pharmaceutical manufacturers

  • Proven and fast processability on conventional labeling systems
  • Easy integration into existing processes
  • Compact design normally requires no adjustment of secondary packaging
  • Cost-effective solution due to simple design compared with conventional needle protection systems
  • Minimum investment for application systems
  • Individual label design available
  • FDA 510(k) premarket notification

Additional functions may be integrated in the Needle-Trap label

  • Detachable label parts, for  efficient documentation and tracing of the medication in the medical records
  • Security seal for first-opening indication
  • Graduation for safe dosing
  • Security features for anti-counterfeiting protection
  • Temperature indicator
  • QR code

Reduced Environmental Footprint

  • Up to 50% regranulate material can be integrated in Needle-Trap’s plastic catcher
  • Very compact design and less plastic material compared to conventional needle protection systems
  • No need to modify secondary packaging
  • Minimal space during transportation, storage and disposal
  • Various awards emphasize Needle-Trap‘s contribution to environmental protection