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Traps hypodermic needles, protects against needlestick injuries.

Whether in hospitals, outpatient clinics or doctor’s offices—time is of the essence in typical healthcare environments. Just a brief moment of inattentiveness when administering an injection can suffice for a healthcare worker to sustain a needlestick injury. This is painful and harbors the risk of infection, for instance with hepatitis B or HIV.

Needle-Trap protects against this risk. The innovative syringe label with an integrated needle protection function by Schreiner MediPharm helps prevent needlestick injuries with prefilled syringes. After the injection, a plastic trap serves to secure the blood-contaminated needle.

Needle-Trap is particularly easy and intuitive to operate. The protection mechanism is activated in a controlled manner, using one hand. It is clearly perceptible by a clicking noise and safely protects the needle.

Why not see for yourself how easy it is to use Needle-Trap? We have compiled key facts for you on the following pages.